Terms and Conditions Of Booking

Below are a list of some of the terms and conditions that you agree to accept when booking a race night with Royale Race Nights and Benjamin Hasker.

Once I have confirmed your date is available the booking fee/deposit must be paid to confirm the booking, I work on a first come first served basis and do not hold dates without the booking fee being paid.

If you wish to cancel or change the date of the booking the full fee will need to be paid, I have never let any of my clients down and I expect the same courtesy in return.

In the highly unlikely event that I am not able to attend due to equipment breakdown, adverse weather etc I will notify you as soon as possible and refund the booking fee and if possible try to find a replacement (fortunately I’ve never had to do that).

It will always be myself (Benjamin Hasker) who you will deal with and will be with you on the evening, I do not use third party operators.

You are booking me for a maximum of three hours (unless otherwise agreed in advance) and no later than 11 pm (unless otherwise agreed).

I will arrive at least one hour before the start time to set up.

If betting using money you must supply a float for change. Often your guests will bring notes to start with and they will require change. I recommend a minimum of £60 in pound coins but preferably more. Tokens can be provided if you don’t wish to use real money.

I take care of working out the tote and can handle the money for you but I accept no responsibility for the money side of things and make no promises to the amount you are likely to earn for your good cause or the number of people, all advertising is your own responsibility. I provide a breakdown of all bets placed and money paid out at the end of the evening. I take no money from the tote and my fee should be paid separately from it. 

In the unlikely event of misbehavior or abuse from attendees I reserve the right to stop the event for my own safety and protection of equipment. Any damages must be paid for by the event organiser or offending person.

Drinks must be kept away from the projector and tote table at all times.

I require a parking space for my van close to the venue, any parking restrictions must be notified before making a booking and any parking costs to be paid by booker.

I play background music between races but I am not able to play requests, other peoples music or videos projected onto the big screen. I am booked to provide a race night and do not specialise in disco services, if that is required I suggest also booking a DJ separately. 

Balance of payment in advance or collected on the night unless otherwise agreed.

If you have any questions about these terms and conditions please do not hesitate to call me on 07779972571

Signed Benjamin Hasker