What is a Royale Race Night and How Does It Work?

A Royale Race Night is a fun way to raise money for charities, clubs, societies and schools. It works in exactly the same way as a visit to the races, the only difference is I bring the races to you! 

A race night consists of eight races with eight horses per race. The race goers receive a race card on arrival. They place bets on their chosen horse/s and receive tote tickets. I use a computerised tote system which calculates the odds and payouts before each race starts and speeds up the process. The races are projected onto a big screen with sound via a pa system and compered by myself Benjamin Hasker. Race seven is usually a novelty pig race which adds extra fun.

All of the modern races are of the highest quality and from all the major British racecourses. The races are chosen at random so nobody knows beforehand which horse will win. The excitement is exactly the same as a real race so expect lots of shouting and cheering as the horses reach the finish line! 

Placing bets is simple and fast, I operate the computerised tote betting system for you. Bets are a minimum of £1 and people can bet more and on more than one horse. The last race can be an auction race as well as normal betting, which is a great way to raise even more money.

The winners collect their prize money which is usually 50% of the total bets taken with the other 50% going to the chosen charity or good cause (the percentage can be altered depending on your requirements).

You can even be in profit before the night has begun, I supply you with a sponsorship sheet whereby for a donation of your choice people can buy a horse and become the jockey, with eight horses per race and eight races a large amount can be raised in this way, you just give the winner from each race a small prize such as a bottle of wine (Please click here to download the sponsor sheets)

You may also consider an entry ticket especially if mixed with a meal or a raffle. 

I can also provide a game of stand up bingo and have bingo software which can randomly pick numbers and project them onto the big screen.

I supply and organise everything to do with the Race Night, all you have to do is arrange the venue and invite lots of people, the more the better as the more bets placed the more money that is raised. 

I provide a pa system, big screen and projector (or I can use yours if required), exciting race films, computerised tote system, race cards, tote tickets, pens and sponsorship sheets. The only thing you might wish to supply is someone to help with collecting the money and paying out the winnings. You will need plenty of change for the float (I suggest a minimum of £80.00 in one pound coins and five pound notes.

 Usually an evening lasts for around three hours depending on the number of guests and races shown, but can be shortened if required.

If you have any questions about how to raise funds for your club or charity please do not hesitate to call Benjamin Hasker on 07779 972571
or Email haskerb@aol.com