Sponsor sheets and race cards free to use for anyone who books a Royale Race Night. Simply click on the image to open full screen and then right click to save or print.

These are some of the horse names I use, it's easiest and cheapest for you if you stick to using my horse and pig names. I supply double sided professionally printed race cards on the night free of charge.

Jockey Owner Sponsor Sheet

Sponsor sheet, the above page allows you to sell horses before the night, your guests become the jockeys! Sell all the horses and then give the winner of each race a prize, usually a bottle of wine (you'll need 8 bottles, one for each race). This is a great way to bring in some extra money before the night has even started, for instance if you sell each horse for £5.00 you will raise £320.00 before the night has even started! Also if you have people who can't make it on the night they can still take part. I suggest selling the horses before the night rather than on the night otherwise it can be a bit confusing for your guests.

Tri-Cast Sheet

If you wish to run tri-cast betting on the night print off this sheet and sell each square. Every possible outcome for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place is on the sheet. If you manage to sell every square at £3.00 that's £1,008.00!

Blank Race Cards

I suggest using the horse names and race cards that I supply, but if you want to name the horses/jockeys and produce your own race cards I have provided some blank template ideas below to make life easier. A word version can be download at the bottom of the page (it currently has some of my horse names filled in but you can change them as needed).

A blank race card to allow you to name the horses yourself. Like the sponsor sheet above you may want to charge for people to name the horses, you can then give a prize to the winner of each race. 

It's very important you name every horse for all eight races and do not leave any blank, as on the night people need to know the horse names to bet on, including the 8th race which we can have as an auction race and open up to normal betting too.

You will need to print the race cards yourself if naming the horses or adding sponsor names or jockey names etc, you will need one race card for every guest attending. Also don't laminate them as people like to write on them (I provide pens).

Many people make the mistake of not selling race 8 as they want it as an auction race. The auction is separate on the night and you should still sell all 8 races before the night to raise as much money as possible.
 I have lost count of the times I have turned up and the horses haven't been named on the 8th race which causes confusion to your guests.

If you are not sure how it all works please do not hesitate to call me for further information (Benjamin Hasker 07779 972571).

See below to download Microsoft Word versions of the race cards.

A guide explaining how the evening works should you wish to have them on the tables for your guests.

If you need to check space the equipment measurements are all on the above guide.

Please note all posters, race cards and sponsor sheets are copyright of Royale Race Nights and are only to be used by bookers of Royale Race Nights.

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